Hi!  Thanks for visiting ‘Obscure Video Games.’  First and foremost, I created this site as a hobby.  I enjoy playing video games (when I have time), and I felt it would be fun to create a blog to write about some of these games.  My posts of individual game reviews will be random, not based on any one particular game system – just whatever I feel like reviewing, I guess you could say!  I should also point out that I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN ALL THINGS VIDEO GAMES, just a guy who likes playing sometimes, among a lot of other things.

Secondly, the games I wanted to review and provide information about are games that are ‘obscure’ in some way.  Now, obscure might not necessarily fit the dictionary definition here.  In some cases, I may review games from Japan that are ‘obscure’ to the average American game player.  Or, I may review older arcade games that the general population knows little to nothing about.  I tried to pick games that I just couldn’t find a ton of helpful information about on the Internet, so that those who may wish to hunt down these games for themselves would be better informed.

Any games I review come from my own collection, and I do not review games on computer emulators, although I do not have any problem with emulation – it’s just not for me.

All of the games I review will be in hardware format (either cartridge or disc).  I’ve tried playing emulated games on things like the retropie, Wii Virtual Console, even an arcade machine with 100s of game roms available.  However, I never am able to enjoy games that way.  It’s like some kind of mental block against emulation, or at least, gaming without a hard copy of a game.  I have to have the feeling of inserting hard media into a console in order to take the game seriously.  Reproductions?  Absolutely.  You’ll find that many of my reviews are of reproductions or translations or previously unavailable games.  But they’re always tangible.  Also, any game images I post along with my reviews are pictures I have taken of my television with my camera, not pictures I pulled from the Internet.

Remember, my reviews are only my opinion of the game – again, I’m no expert on video games – I don’t have that kind of time!  Your opinion of the games I review may be different, and that’s perfectly fine!  I hope you enjoy the website.



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  1. Thanks for the great content in this site! I really like reading about obscure games, and I have picked up a few of them myself over the years, though the ones you list tend to be more obscure. The most obscure title I own is Monkey Puncher for the Gameboy Color.
    I nominated you for the WordPress Family Award since I think you really contribute positively to my WordPress experience!

  2. Really liked your write-up about the 1990 Japan version of Tecmo Bowl. I picked up that version along with a famicom to NES adapter about 10 years ago, and my friends and I played it a ton.

    Actually it had a lot of other really impactful changes with player personnel…and more often than not it was for the worse. No Eric Dickerson on the Japan Colts is a big one. Standout LB’s Carl Banks, Wilber Marshall, Fredd Young, and Duane Bickett are merely shadows of their USA versions. Seattle did get a fast Rufus Porter at bottom LB position, and San Fran got Charles Haley at LB as well. Those guys are great. Overall it really changed the DNA of most teams. Chicago, Miami, and Denver were really the only teams that stayed nearly intact in terms of overall ability. Dallas, Washington, Indy were far worse, while San Fran version rose up further in our rankings.

    Big Time kick returner Gerald McNeil of the Browns was replaced by slow Mike Oliphant, but the Browns got much faster at WR and also got a faster Clay Matthews at LB…so it became a push of sorts. However Japan Tecmo overall had a larger assortment of big time KR’s than the USA version though, so it evened out.

    We play our own 12 game seasons in 2 player mode, and alternate with the USA and Japan versions, so it really gives us a nice variance. Recently got a rom made that combined the 2 versions, so we can have a Japan 49ers vs USA Giants game for instance. That’s really cool, because for years and years before that, we could only theorize what might happen when such match-ups were to occur…now we can play them out.

    Keep up the good work!
    -Brad B

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